Harry-O (1973-1976)

Harry-O was an American private detective series that aired for two seasons on ABC. David Janssen starred as Harry Orwell, a San Diego cop forced into retirement when he is shot in the back. To support himself, he set up a private investigation practice out of his beach house on Coronado Island. The full series is here.
TV Movie
Smile Jenny You're Dead

Season 1
As Dreams Are Made
The Admiral's Lady
Gaurdian at The Gate

Mortal Sin
Coinage of the Realm
Shadows at Noon
Ballinger's Choice
Second Sight
Material Witness
40 Reasons to Kill P1
40 Reasons to Kill P2
Accounts Balanced
The Last Heir
Love of Money
Confetti People
Sound of Trumpets
Silent Kill
Double Jeopardy
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