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Hawaiian Eye (1959–1963)

Hawaiian Eye was an American detective television series that aired on the ABC television network. Private investigator Tracy Steele (Anthony Eisley) and his half-Hawaiian partner, Tom Lopaka (Robert Conrad), own Hawaiian Eye, a combination detective agency and private security firm, located in Honolulu, Hawaii. The partners investigate mysteries and protect clients with the sometime help of photographer Cricket Blake (Connie Stevens), who also sings at the hotel's Shell Bar.
Season 1
Malihini Holiday
Waikiki Widow
Second Day of Infamy
All Expenses Paid
Dangerous Eden
Cloud Over Koala
Beach Boy
3 Tickets to Lani
Quick Return
Secret of the 2nd Door
Shipment from Kihei
A Dime a Dozen
The Koa Man
Stamped for Danger
Kamehameha Cloak
The Kikiki Kid
Then There Were 3
Sword of the Samurai
Hong Kong Passage
Cut of Ice
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