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Highway to Heaven (1984-1989)

Highway to Heaven was a fantasy drama television series that ran on NBC. The series starred Michael Landon as Jonathan Smith, and Victor French—Landon's co-star from Little House on the Prairie, as Mark Gordon. Jonathan Smith, formerly a man who lived on earth named Arthur Thompson, is now a "probationary" angel sent to Earth to help people in need.
Season 1
Pilot P1
Pilot P2
To Touch the Moon
The Masked Ride
Song of the Wild West
Batch of Lemonade
A Divine Madness
Catch a Falling Star
Help Wanted: Angel
Dust Child
Hotel of Dreams
Another Song for Christmas
Plane Death
One Winged Angels
Going Home, Going Home
As Difficult as ABC
A Child of God
A Match Made in Heaven
Banker and the Bum
The Brightest Star
An Investment in Caring
The Right Thing
Thoroughbreds P1
Thoroughbreds P2
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