Hong Kong (1960–1961)

Hong Kong is a 26-episode adventure/drama series (plus an initial pilot episode) which aired on ABC television helped to catapult Australian actor Rod Taylor into a major film star, primarily in the 1960s, beginning with his role in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. The series was a production of 20th Century Fox Television. The full series is here.
Blind Justice
Clear for Action
Murder Royal
Pearl Flower
Jade Empress
Jumping Dragon
Blind Bargain
Colonel Cat
Catch a Star
Nine Lives
Dragon Cup
When Strangers Meet
Suitable for Framing
Lesson in Fear
The Survivor
Night Cry
Double Jeopardy
Lady Godiva
The Hunted
Deadly Sorrow
Murder by Proxy
Woman in Gray
Honor and Perish
Innocent Exile
The Runaway
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