Inspector Lewis (aka Lewis) (2006–2015)

Detective Sergeant/Detective Inspector Robert "Robbie" Lewis is a fictional character in the Inspector Morse crime novels by Colin Dexter. The "sidekick" to Morse, Lewis is a detective sergeant in the Thames Valley Police, and appears in all 13 Morse novels. In the television adaptation, Inspector Morse, he is played by Kevin Whately. Following the conclusion of the series, Whately reprised the role as the lead character in Lewis, in which the character has been promoted to the rank of inspector.
Season 1
Reputation (Pilot)
The Gods Would Destroy
Old School Ties

Season 2
The Moonbeams
Music to Die For
Life Born of Fire
Great And The Good
Season 3
Allegory of Love
Quality of Mercy
Point of Vanishing
Counter Culture Blues
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