George "The Animal" Steele

Up Close & Personal with Jeremy Hartley

This is a collection of extended, in-depth Wrestling Interviews from the mid-to-late 1990s. They were conducted by Jeremy Hartley for his Up Close & Personal radio program. You can read the transcripts for more of these interviews featuring Gordon Solie, Ricky Steamboat, Bob Blackburn, Lou Thesz, Buddy Landel, Les Thatcher, Bob Ryder, Al Isaacs and Scott Teal here. Note: These interviews were conducted by telephone and recorded off the radio and stored on Mini-Disks, some of which became degraded in the intervening years - so the audio quality on some of them is not all that great, and parts of some have been lost entirely.
Wrestling Personalities
Don Curtis
George "The Animal" Steele
Skandor Akbar
Jimmy Valiant
Les Thatcher: Part 1
Les Thatcher: Part 2
Les Thatcher: Part 3
Tommy Noe
Wrestling Journalists
J. Michael Kenyon
Mike Lano
Earl Oliver
Evan Ginzburg
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