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It Takes a Thief (1968-1970)

It Takes a Thief was an American action-adventure television series that aired on ABC. It starred Robert Wagner in his television debut as sophisticated thief Alexander Mundy, who works for the U.S. government in return for his release from prison. For most of the series, Malachi Throne played Noah Bain, Mundy's boss. It was among the last of the 1960s spy television genre.
Season 1
A Thief Is a Thief
It Takes One to Know One
When Boy Meets Girl
A Very Warm Reception
One Illegal Angel
Totally by Design
When Thieves Fall In
A Spot of Trouble
Friends Get Together
Birds of a Feather
To Steal a Battleship
Radomir Miniature
Cradle of the Keep
Royal Larceny
The Lay of the Land

Season 2
1 Night on Soledade
A Sour Note
Bill Is in Committee
The Thingamabob Heist
Get Me to the Revolution

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