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It Takes a Thief (1968-1970)

It Takes a Thief was an American action-adventure television series that aired on ABC. It starred Robert Wagner in his television debut as sophisticated thief Alexander Mundy, who works for the U.S. government in return for his release from prison. For most of the series, Malachi Throne played Noah Bain, Mundy's boss. It was among the last of the 1960s spy television genre.
Season 3
Saturday Night in Venice
Who'll Bid $2,000,000?
The Beautiful People
Great Casino Caper
Flowers from Alexander
The Blue, Blue Danube
The Three Virgins
Payoff in the Piazza
The King of Thieves
A Friend in Deed
2nd Time Around
Old Who Came in from the Spy
To Lure a Man
The Scorpio Drop
Nice Girls Marry Stockbrokers
Steal-Driving Man
Touch of Magic
Fortune City
Situation Red
A Song of Murder
Suzie Simone Caper
Project "X"
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