Here Comes the Bandwagon (1929)

Jean Arthur

Jean Arthur (born Gladys Georgianna Greene; October 17, 1900 – June 19, 1991) was an American actress and a film star of the 1930s and 1940s. Discovered by Fox Film Studios while she was doing commercial modeling in New York City in the early 1920s, the newly named Jean Arthur landed a one-year contract and debuted in the silent film Cameo Kirby (1923), directed by John Ford. It was her distinctive, throaty voice – in addition to some stage training on Broadway in the early 1930s – that eventually helped make her a star in the talkies. Note: Several of these films had different titles when originally released.
Here Comes the Bandwagon (1929)
The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu (1929)
The Greene Murder Case (1929)
The Saturday Night Kid (1929)
The Canary Murder Case (1929)
Street of Chance (1930)
The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu (1930)
The Defense Rests (1934)
If You Could Only Cook (1935)
More Than a Secretary (1936)
History is Made at Night (1937)
Easy Living (1937)
Too Many Husbands (1940)
The Lady Takes Chance (1943)
The More the Merrier (1943)

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