Jimmy Clitheroe

James Robinson Clitheroe (24 December 1921 – 6 June 1973), popularly known as Jimmy Clitheroe, was an English comic entertainer. He started out as a boy on the stage, touring the variety theatres in Yorkshire and Lancashire from 1937. He was an accordionist and also played the xylophone and saxophone. His parents bought a caravan so they could take him round the various towns in whose theatres he appeared. He is best remembered for his BBC Radio programme, The Clitheroe Kid (1958–72), versions of which was produced for television on the ITV network under the titles That's My Boy! (1963) and Just Jimmy (1964–68). W
That's My Boy! (1963)
Strictly for the Birds
The Reluctant Page
Who's Who?
A Quite Evening Out
To View or Not to View
It's a Plant
An Unnatural Break

Just Jimmy (1964)
A Match for Jim
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