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The Joey Bishop Show (1961-1964)

The Joey Bishop Show was an American sitcom starring entertainer Joey Bishop that aired on NBC. After NBC canceled the series due to low ratings, it was picked up by CBS where it aired for its fourth and final season. Executive produced by Danny Thomas, The Joey Bishop Show was a spin-off of Thomas' series The Danny Thomas Show.
Season 1
On the Spot
Joey Meets Jack Paar
A Windfall for Mom
This is Your Life
The Contest Winner
The Bachelor
Five Brides for Joey
In Your Own Backyard
Charity Begins at Home
Help Wanted
Ham in the Family
Follow That Mink
Barney, the Bloodhound
Taming of the Brat
Home Sweet Home
Letter from Stella
Jury Duty
Double Exposure
Income Tax Caper
Man's Best Friend
Warm for Christmas
The Big Date
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