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The Joey Bishop Show (1961-1964)

The Joey Bishop Show was an American sitcom starring entertainer Joey Bishop that aired on NBC. After NBC canceled the series due to low ratings, it was picked up by CBS where it aired for its fourth and final season. Executive produced by Danny Thomas, The Joey Bishop Show was a spin-off of Thomas' series The Danny Thomas Show.
Joey Hires a Maid
That's Showbiz
Young Man's Fancy
Surprise, Surprise
Must the Show Go On?
Once a Bachelor
Route 78
Show of His Own
The Image

Season 2
The Honeymoon
Penguins Three
Three's a Crowd
The Breakup
A Woman's Place

Baby, It's Cold Inside
Joey Takes a Physical
In the Heart of Texas
Honeymoon is Over
Lucky Cuff Links
Wife vs. Secretary
Kiss and Make Up
Double Time
More Episodes

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