Johnny Midnight (1960-1961)

Johnny Midnight is an ex-actor/theater owner, now turned private eye. His turf is Broadway and New York City's theater district. He lives in a penthouse apartment above the Midnight Theater on West 44th St. and has an Asian houseboy named Aki. The majority of his clients are in the theatrical business and one of his trade marks is using his acting and makeup talents as disguises in his PI investigations. Stars: Edmond O'Brien, Yuki Shimoda, Arthur Batanides.
X Equals Murder
Voice of the Dummy
Villiain of Piece
Leading Lady
Once Again
Taste of Curry
Mother's Boy
The Impresario
Beyond Infamy
Old-Fashioned Frame
The 9th Doll
Phantom Bribe
Tokyo Doll
Trouble on the Road
Registered Mail
Somebody Loves You
The Emerald Star
Token of Love
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