Judd for the Defense (1967–1969)

The show stars Carl Betz, who had previously spent eight years in the role of Dr. Alex Stone, husband of Donna Reed in ABC's The Donna Reed Show. In his new role, reportedly based on high-profile lawyers such as F. Lee Bailey and Percy Foreman, Betz played Clinton Judd, a flamboyant attorney based in Houston, who often took on controversial cases across the country.
Kingdom of the Blind
The Devil's Surrogate
Square House
Worst of Both Worlds
Remember Joe Maddox
Season 2
In a Puff of Smoke
Ends of Justice
Name of the Game
Plastic Axe
The Death Farm
Hunter Home
Gates of Cerberus
My Client
Cruel and Unusual
Thou Shall Not
Swim with Sharks
The Crystal Maze
Borderline Girl
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