Klondike (1960-61)

Klondike was a 17-episode half-hour American Western television series starring Ralph Taeger and James Coburn that aired on NBC. The series was set during the early days of the Klondike Gold Rush 1897 in the town of Skagway in the Alaskan Klondike region. Taeger played the "good guy" Mike Halliday and Coburn portrayed the con man Jeff Durain.
Klondike Fever
River of Gold
Saints and Stickups
Unexpected Candidate
Keys to Trouble
Swoger's Mule
Sure Thing, Men
Taste of Danger
Bare Knuckles
Bathhouse Justice
Swing Your Partner
The Golden Burro
Queen of the Klondike
Man Who Owned Skagway
Sitka Madonna
The Hostages
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