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Lassie (1954-1957) (aka Jeff's Collie)

Between 1954–1973, Lassie, the television series, was broadcast, with Lassie initially residing on a farm with a young male master. This version is from the original series, starring Tommy Rettig as Jeff Miller.
Lassie's Vanity
The Chimp
Lassie's Day
The Rock
The Artist
Bird Watchers
The Dog House
The Search
Boy's Day
The Snob
Haunted House
The Apple Tree
Jeff's Moustache

Season 4
The Runaway
The Suit
The Burro
The Berrypickers
The Raccoon
The Ballerina
The Elephant

The Spartan
The Wolf Cub
The Tooth
Timmy's Family
The Bike
The Goose
The Baby-Sitter
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