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Lassie (1958-1964)

Between 1954–1973, Lassie, the television series, was broadcast, with Lassie initially residing on a farm with a young male master. This is the second version, starring Jon Provost as Timmy Martin and June Lockhart as his mother, Ruth.
Stable Mates
The Camera
Peace Patrol
Lassie's Guest
Season 6
New Refrigerator
Old Henry
The Contest
The Mascot
The Sulky Race
Growing Pains
Flying Machine
Water Boy
The Whopper
The Bounty Hunter
The Land Grabber
The Man from Mars
In Case of Emergency
Star Reporter
Alias Jack and Joe
Judas Goat
Space Traveler
The Grasshopper
Homing Pigeon
The Explorers
The Epidemic
Fur-Coated Killer
Judgment Seat
The Elephant
The Puppy Sitter
The Champ
The Phone Hog
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