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Lassie (1958-1964)

Between 1954–1973, Lassie, the television series, was broadcast, with Lassie initially residing on a farm with a young male master. This is the second version, starring Jon Provost as Timmy Martin and June Lockhart as his mother, Ruth.
Season 8
The Grand Canyon
The Bloodhound
Mysterious Intrude
The Badger Game
The Outlaw
The Winner
Heat Wave
The Deer
The Fire Chief
The Pied Piper
The Dognappers
Lassie’s Wild Baby
The Dove
Yochim’s Christmas
The Parrot
Lassie's Protege
The Black Sheep
The Partnership
The Hike
Bird of Prey
The Odyssey
Double Trouble
Eager Beaver
The Eagle
The Unwanted
The Musher
Lassie's Good Deed
The Calf
Elephant Sitters
The Tiger
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