Lavern & Shirley (1976–1983)

Laverne & Shirley was an American sitcom that ran on ABC. It was a spin-off from the Happy Days series and starred Penny Marshall as Laverne DeFazio and Cindy Williams as Shirley Feeney, single roommates who work as bottlecappers in a fictitious Milwaukee brewery called Shotz Brewery. Among others, the series was known for Marshall and Williams' physical comedy.
Season 3
Tag Team Wrestling
Robot Lawsuit
Arranged Marriage
Meet Fabian
The Stakeout
Take My Plants
The Mortician
The Horse Show
The Slow Child
Shotz Talent Show
The Dentist
Bus Stop
The Obstacle Course
The Debutante Ball
A Comedy Odyssey
The Dance Studio
Season 4
The Bully Show
A Visit to the Cemetery
Chorus Line
Supermarket Sweep
Lenny's Crush
Fire Show
Theres a Spy in My Beer
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