The Long Hot Summer (1965–1966)

The series was set in the Deep South community of Frenchman's Bend, Mississippi. The community was dominated and owned by the town's wealthy, powerful (and deceitful) bank owner "Boss" Will Varner (Edmond O'Brien). He and his family lived in the largest mansion in Frenchman's Bend. Ben Quick (Roy Thinnes), a young man whose father Varner destroyed some years prior, returns to town after thirteen years away to reclaim his family's farm and to challenge Varner's absolute authority over the town and its people. Ben's aim was to settle the score against the wicked Varner in the fight his father ran from.
A Time for Living
Stranger to the House
The Twisted Image P1
The Twisted Image P2
No Hiding Place
Track the Man Down
Face of Fear
Day of Thunder
The Warning
A Time to Die
Reunion Italian Style
Man with Two Faces

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