Longstreet (1971-1972)

Longstreet was an American drama series that was broadcast on the ABC. The series starred James Franciscus as insurance investigator Mike Longstreet. After a bomb hidden in a champagne bottle kills his wife and leaves him blind, the title character pursues and captures the killers. He then continues his career as an insurance investigator despite his blindness. The full series is here.
Longstreet (Pilot Film)
The Way of the Intercepting Fist
A World of Perfect Complicity
One in the Reality Column
So Who's Fred Hornbeck
Elegy in Brass
Spell Legacy Like Death
Shape Of Nightmares
The Girl with the Broom
Wednesday's Child
I See Said the Blind Man
The Little Piggy Went to Marquette
There was a Crooked Man
The Old Team Spirit
The Long Way Home
Let the Memories be Happy Ones
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