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Mannix (1967–1975)

Mannix was an American television detective series that ran on CBS. The title character, Joe Mannix, is a PI, played by Mike Connors. Joe Mannix worked for a large Los Angeles detective agency called Intertect, which uses computers to help solve crimes. Mannix usually ignores the computers' solutions, disobeys his boss's orders, and sets out to do things his own way. The full series is here.
Season 1
The Name is Mannix
Skid Marks
Nothing Works Twice
The Many Deaths
It Never Happened
A Vacation
Warning-Live Blueberries
Shadow Of A Dream
Coffin For A Clown
Catalogue Of Sins
Turn Every Stone
Run, Sheep, Run
Drink Takes the Man
Falling Star
Limit Three People
Deadfall P1
Deadfall P2
Killed Out There
Another Final Exit
It's a Miracle
Delayed Action
To Kill a Writer
Girl in the Frame
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