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Mannix (1967–1975)

Mannix was an American television detective series that ran on CBS. The title character, Joe Mannix, is a PI, played by Mike Connors. Joe Mannix worked for a large Los Angeles detective agency called Intertect, which uses computers to help solve crimes. Mannix usually ignores the computers' solutions, disobeys his boss's orders, and sets out to do things his own way. The full series is here.
Season 3
Eagles Sometimes Can't Fly
Color Her Missing
Return to Summer Grove
The Playground
Question of Midnight
Penny for the Peep Show
Sleep in the Deep
Memory; Zero
Nowhere Victim
Sound of Darkness
Who Killed Me
Missing; Sun and Sky
Tooth of the Serpent
Medal for a Hero
Walk with a Dead Man
Chance at the Roses
Blind Mirror
Harlequin's Gold
Who Is Sylvia
Only One Death
Fly, Little One
Darrell Andrews
Murder Revisited
War of Nerves
Once Upon a Saturday
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