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Mannix (1967–1975)

Mannix was an American television detective series that ran on CBS. The title character, Joe Mannix, is a PI, played by Mike Connors. Joe Mannix worked for a large Los Angeles detective agency called Intertect, which uses computers to help solve crimes. Mannix usually ignores the computers' solutions, disobeys his boss's orders, and sets out to do things his own way. The full series is here.
Season 4
Ticket to the Eclipse
One for the Lady
Time Out of Mind
Figures in a Landscape
The Mouse that Died
The Lost Art of Dying
Other Game in Town
The World Between
To Cage a Seagull
Bang, Bang, You're Dead
Deja Vu
Duet for Three
Round Trip to Nowhere
What Happened to Sunday
The Judas Touch
With Intent to Kill
The Crime That Wasn't
A Gathering of Ghosts
A Day Filled with Shadows
Voice in the Dark
The Color of Murder
Shadow Play
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