Markham (1959-1960)

Markham was an American drama series starring Ray Milland, which aired on CBS following Gunsmoke on Saturday nights. Milland played private investigator and attorney Roy Markham (previously introduced in a June 1958 Suspicion episode, "Eye For An Eye"). In that Markham had been a successful lawyer, he had the leisure to take detective cases based on his own interest.
Pilot (from Suspicion)
Princely Sum
Woman of Arles
Paris Encounter
The Marble Face
Human Factor
3 Steps to Murder
Vendetta in Venice
Last Bullet
Counterfeit Stamp
We are All Suspect
Deadline Date
Girl on the Rocks
Present Danger
The Father
In Bel Air
Trip to Mozambique
Strange Visitor
The Altar
No Flies on Friday
Song of Murder
Ambitious Wife
Image of Love
The Silkan Cord
Country Mouse
Young Conspirator
The Bad Spell

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