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The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970–1977)

The Mary Tyler Moore Show was an American television sitcom created by James L. Brooks and Allan Burns that aired on CBS. The program was a television breakthrough, with the first never-married, independent career woman as the central character. It is one of the most acclaimed television programs in US television history.
Season 4
The Lars Affair
Angels in the Snow
Rhoda's Sister
Lou and Edie Story
Hi There, Sports Fans
Father's Day
But Seriously Folks
Lou's First Date
Love Blooms
The Dinner Party
Just Friends
We Want Baxter
I Gave at the Office
A Nun's Story
Happy Birthday, Lou!
WJM Tries Harder
Cottage for Sale
The Co-Producers
Best of Enemies
Better Late
Ted Meets Walter Cronkite
Lou's 2nd Date
Two Wrongs
I Was a Single
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