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Matlock (1986-1994)

Matlock is an American television legal drama, starring Andy Griffith in the title role of criminal-defense attorney Ben Matlock. The show centers on widower Benjamin Leighton "Ben" Matlock a renowned, folksy and popular though cantankerous attorney. Usually, at the end of the case, the person who is on the stand being questioned by Matlock is the actual perpetrator, and Matlock will expose him/her, despite making clear that his one goal is to prove reasonable doubt in the case of his client's guilt or to prove his client's innocence.
The Parents
Man of the Year
The Arsonist
The Formula
The Trial P1
The Trial P2
The Accident
The Celebrity

Season 6
The Nightmare
Marriage Counselor
The Dame
The Suspect

The Defense
The Game Show
The Foursome
The Picture P1
The Picture P2
The Big Payoff
The Abduction
Season 7
The Vacation
The Ghost
The Class
The Singer
The Mark
The Juror
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