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McHale's Navy (1962-1966)

This wacky military service comedy series was set in the Pacific theater of World War II (for the last season the setting changed to the European theater in Italy) and focused on the loony misfit crew of PT-73, wily boys with crazy antics, led by Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale, played by Ernest Borgnine. Also starring Joe Flynn, Tim Conway and Carl Ballantine. The entire series is here.

Room for Orvie Season 4
War, Italian Style
The Bathtub Thief
Marriage, McHale Style
Giuseppe McHale
Nip in Time
Piazza Binghamtoni
Bald-Headed Contessa
Voltafiore Fish-Fry
Wine Cellar Is Not a Home
Who's Got the Vino?
McHale Opera Company
Good Luck Fountain
McHale's Beach
Reunion for PT 73
Return of Guiseppe
Boy Scouts of 73
The Liquor Locker
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