Medic (1956)

Medic is an American medical drama starring Richard Boone that aired on NBC beginning in 1954. Medic was television's first doctor drama to focus attention on medical procedures, establishing the style for later medical series.
Season 2
All the Lonely Night
Walk with Lions
Darkness and Light P1
Darkness and Light P2
When Mama Says Jump
Candle of Hope
Glass of Fear
Pray Judgment
The World So High
A Time for Sleep
Laughter and Weeping
Just Like Your Father
If Tomorrow Be Sad
The Homecoming
Who Search for Truth
Awake to Spring
Don't Count the Stars
The Inconstant Heart
A Most Seldom Gift
The Good Samaritan
Reach of the Giant P1
Reach of the Giant P2
Till the Song is Done
She Walks in Beauty
This Strange Ending
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