Mike Hammer (1956–1959)

The adventures of Mickey Spillane's tough-talking, brawling, skirt-chasing private detective Mike Hammer, who's always ready to use his fists on a "mug" or his charm on a "skirt" to get the case solved. Stars: Darren McGavin, Bart Burns and Vito Scotti.
Season 1
High Cost of Dying
Hot Hands, Cold Dice
Death Gets A Diploma
So That's Who It Was
Letter Edged in Blackmail
Death Takes An Encore
Lead Ache
Overdose of Lead
Stay Out of Town
Beautiful, Blue and Deadly
Skinned Deep
Play Belles' Toll
For Sale, Deathbed, Used
Music To Die By
My Fair Deadly
The New Look
The Broken Frame
Look at the Old Man Go
The Paper Shroud
My Son and Heir
Final Curtain
A Detective Tail
It's An Art
Four Blind Mice
The Living Dead
Old Folks at Home Blues
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