The New Mike Hammer/Mike Hammer-Private Detective (1984-1998)

Michael "Mike" Hammer is a fictional character created by the American author Mickey Spillane in the 1947 book I, the Jury. Hammer is a no-holds-barred private investigator who carries a .45 pistol in a shoulder holster under his left arm. His love for his secretary Velda is outweighed only by his willingness to kill a killer. This libraries has episodes from two versions of the series starring Stacy Keach as the title character.
The New Mike Hammer
Kill Devil
Harlem Nocturne
Deadly Collection
Green Lipstick
Murder Takes All
Mike Hammer-
Private Detective

Season 1
Prodigal Son
Beat Street
Hoop Nightmares

False Truths
Sins of the Fathers
A Penny Saved

Season 2
The Life You Save
The Long Road to Nowhere

More Episodes

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