The New Mike Hammer/Mike Hammer-Private Detective (1984-1998)

Michael "Mike" Hammer is a fictional character created by the American author Mickey Spillane in the 1947 book I, the Jury. Hammer is a no-holds-barred private investigator who carries a .45 pistol in a shoulder holster under his left arm. His love for his secretary Velda is outweighed only by his willingness to kill a killer. This libraries has episodes from two versions of the series starring Stacy Keach as the title character.
The Art of Murder
Countdown to Murder
The Cutting Edge
Big Brother's Secret
A Candidate for Murder
Dump the Creep
Chop Shop
The Maya Connection
Lucky In Love
Songbird P1
Songbird P2
Gone Fishin'
Dead Men Talk
A New Leaf P1
A New Leaf P2
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