Mister Peepers (1952–1955)

Wally Cox starred as Robinson J. Peepers, a junior high school science teacher. It was a situation comedy that featured some physical humor and humorous situations. Running jokes tended to involve Peepers coping with misbehaving inanimate objects and with acutely embarrassing moments. The show aired live, on stage before an audience at the New Century Theatre in New York City.
Season 1
Mister Peepers Gets a Job
The Chess Match
The Ventilation System
Janitor takes a few days off
The Velvet Touch
Helen the Cow
The Job Offer
The Fall Dance
The Delinquent
The New Job
Meet the Parents
The Speech
Double Date
The Birds in the Clock
Double Date
Teen-Age Crush
Sister's Visit
Bachelor Party
The Contest
Former Student
The Substitute
The Rumor
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