Mister Peepers (1952–1955)

Wally Cox starred as Robinson J. Peepers, a junior high school science teacher. It was a situation comedy that featured some physical humor and humorous situations. Running jokes tended to involve Peepers coping with misbehaving inanimate objects and with acutely embarrassing moments. The show aired live, on stage before an audience at the New Century Theatre in New York City.
The Bazaar
The Senator

Season 2
The Apartment
The Rare Birds
The Drive-In Movie
The Film Company

The Birthday Party
The Old Student
The Engagement Party
The Astronomy Class
Romeo and Juliet
The New Car
Freedom of the Press
Nervous Wes
The Wedding
Mrs. Gurney Retires
The New Student
Coming Home
The Dinner Party
The Graduation Speech
Last Date Before Vacation
The Bus Trip
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