The Mod Squad (1968-1973)

The Mod Squad was an American crime drama series, broadcast for five seasons on ABC. It starred Michael Cole as Peter "Pete" Cochran, Peggy Lipton as Julie Barnes, Clarence Williams III as Lincoln "Linc" Hayes, and Tige Andrews as Captain Adam Greer. They were The Mod Squad ("One black, one white, one blonde"), described by one critic as "the hippest and first young undercover cops on TV".
Season 1
Bad Man on Campus
What a Pretty Bus
Can't Tell the Players
A Time to Cry
Find Tara Chapman!
Price of Terror
A Quiet Weekend
Love The Mod Squad
Twinkle, Twinkle
The Guru
The Sunday Drivers
Hello Mother
Flight Five
Shell Game
The Bucking Horse
Hint of Darkness
The Uptight Town
A Reign of Guns
Run for the Money
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