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Mister Ed (1958-1966)

Mister Ed is a horse who is owned by Wilbur Post. Mister Ed is not just any horse, he talks to Wilbur! But this gets Wilbur in all kinds of trouble because Mister Ed won't talk to anyone else. The entire series is here.
Pilot Episode
Season 1
The First Meeting
The Ventriloquist
Busy Wife
Stable for Three
Kiddy Park
Sorority House
Pageant Show
The Aunt
The Missing Statue
Ed the Lover
Ed the Witness
Ed the Songwriter
Ed's Mother
Pine Lake Lodge
Ed's New Shoes
Ed the Stoolpigeon
Little Boy
Psychoanalyst Show
Ed the Tout
A Man for Velma
Ed Agrees to Talk
The Mustache
The Other Woman
The Contest
Wilbur Sells Ed
Ed Cries Wolf
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