Mr. Lucky (1959–1960)

Mr. Lucky is an honest professional gambler with extraordinary luck. He and Andamo operate a floating casino aboard a luxury yacht anchored outside an American port city. John Vivyan played Mr. Lucky. Ross Martin portrayed Andamo. This library contains the entire series.
Magnificent Bribe
Shall Not Pass
The Money Game
Stands for Pool
Little Gray Home
Gordon Caper
Miss Wow
Business Measure
Aces Back to Back
Maggie the Witness
$2,000,000 Window
Leadville Kid Gang
Sour Milk Fund
Brain Picker
Last Laugh
The Parolee
The Tax Man
Big Squeeze
Cold Deck
Maiden Voyage
I Bet Your Life
Hair of the Dog
Vote the Bullet
Hit and Run
Taking a Chance
Last Journey
Operation Fortuna
Stacked Deck

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