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My Favorite Martian (1963–1966)

My Favorite Martian was an American television sitcom that aired on CBS for 107 episodes. The show starred Ray Walston as the Martian, and Bill Bixby as Tim O'Hara. A human-looking extraterrestrial in a one-man spaceship crash-lands near Los Angeles. The ship's pilot is, in fact, an anthropologist from Mars and is now stranded on Earth. The entire series is here.

Season 1
My Favorite Martian
The Matchmakers
There Is No Cure
Russians R in Season
Man or Amoeba
Man on the Couch
A Loaf of Bread
The Awful Truth

Rocket to Mars
Raffles No. 2
The Atom Misers
Little Old Matchmaker
How to Be a Hero
Blood Is Thicker
Poor Little Rich Cat
RX for a Martian
Going, Going, Gone
Who Am I?
Now You See It
My Nephew the Artist
Hitch-Hiker to Mars
Martin's Broadcast
An Old, Old Friend
Super Dooper Snooper
Sinkable Mrs. Brown
The Eternal Triangle
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