The Raffle

National Velvet (1960–1962)

Based on the 1944 feature film of the same name, National Velvet stared Lori Martin as Velvet Brown, a girl who lives on a dairy farm with her parents, Martha (Ann Doran) and Herbert Brown (Arthur Space), an ex-jockey Mi Taylor, played by Scottish actor James McCallion (1918-1991), her brother, Donald (Joey Scott), and sister, Edwina (Carole Wells). Velvet owned a thoroughbred stallion named King which she hoped would one day run in the Grand National Steeplechase.
The Raffle
The Breaking
The Canary
Mi's Girl
The Prize
Teddy's Exam
The Colt
Grudge Match
The Fire
The Circuit
The Outsider
The Desperado
The Experiment
The Scandal
Mi's Citizenship
The Rumor
Feature Film
National Velvet (1944)
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