The New Loretta Young Show (1962–1963)

The New Loretta Young Show, is an American television series, which aired for twenty-six weekly episodes on CBS television, features Loretta Young in a combination drama and situation comedy about a free-lance writer in suburban Connecticut named Christine Massey, the widowed mother of seven children. Stars: Loretta Young, James Philbrook, Tracy Stratford. The full series is here.
America at Home
Second Look
First Encounter
Not a Moment Too Soon
Pony Tails and Politics
First Assignment
Two of a Kind
Love Willow
The Cheat
Possessive Woman
Somebody Somewhere
Decision at Midnight
Romance for Everyone
Anything for a Laugh
A Little Peace and Quiet
Welcome Stranger
Dugan's Alley
It Gives a Lovely Light
The Ring Master
Hey Rube
Crisis at 8 PM
Interesting Jeopardy
It's Spring Again
When You Are Near
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