O'Hara, US Treasury (1971–1972)

O'Hara, U.S. Treasury (on-screen title is O'Hara, United States Treasury) was an American television crime drama starring David Janssen and broadcast by CBS. A county sheriff from Nebraska whose wife and child died in a fire, O'Hara cut all ties with his past life. He put in an application with the United States Department of the Treasury, which accepted him. O'Hara sometimes worked undercover. Janssen was the series' only regular, as he was given a different assignment at the start of each weekly episode.
Operation: Cobra (Pilot)
Operation: Big Store
Operation: Bandera
Operation: Bribery
Operation: Time Fuse
Operation: Heroin
Operation: Spread
Operation: Hijack
Operation: Crystal Springs
Operation: Payoff
Operation: Moonshine
Operation: XW 1
Operation: Lady Luck
Operation: Deathwatch
Operation: White Fire
Operation: Dorias
Operation: Rake Off
Operation: Smokescreen

TV Movie
Ladies of Crime (1978)

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