Operation Petticoat (1977-1978)

Operation Petticoat was an American sitcom that was based on the 1959 film by the same name. It was broadcast on ABC for two seasons, from September 17, 1977 until October 16, 1978. It's hijinks on the high seas when a U.S. submarine has to take on a collection of female nurses. Somehow or another, the sub gets painted pink in the process. This library includes the original feature film.
Season 1
Yeoman Hunkle
Operation, Operation
And Out of the Sea
Party for the Captain
We've No Business
Grey is Beautiful
Dear Molumphrey
Pink Christmas
Bless You, My Sub
Instant Ensign
Down to the Sea in Slips
Tostin Times Two
Gallardo Joins Up
In Gossett We Trust

Season 2
Hunkle-Crandall Affair
Cram Course

You Owe Me One
Don't Drink the Shimbaka!
Talent Show
Big Deal on Kaloa Street
Matters of Honor

Feature Film
Operation Petticoat (1959)

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