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Police Woman (1974–1978)

Police Woman was an American police procedural television series starring Angie Dickinson that ran on NBC. The series revolves around Sgt. "Pepper" Anderson (Dickinson), an undercover police officer working for the Criminal Conspiracy Unit of the Los Angeles Police Department. Sergeant William "Bill" Crowley (Earl Holliman) was her immediate superior, and Pete Royster (Charles Dierkop) and Joe Styles (Ed Bernard) were the other half of the undercover team that investigated everything from murders to rape and drug crimes.
Seasom 3
The Trick Book
Tender Soldier
Trial by Prejudice
Sara Who?
Broken Angels
Lifeline Agency
Tennis Bum
Death of a Dream
Father to the Man
Once a Snitch
The Full Moon
Banker's Hours
Disco Killer
Shadow of Doubt
Killer Cowboys
Silky Chamberlain
Deadline: Death
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