Private Secretary (1953-1957)

Private Secretary (also known as Susie) was an American sitcom that aired on CBS, alternating with The Jack Benny Program on Sundays. The series stars Ann Sothern as Susan Camille "Susie" MacNamara, devoted secretary to handsome talent agent Peter Sands, played by Don Porter.
Little Monster
Vive L'Amour
A Scream in the Night
America's Sweethearts
The Little Caesar
The Sows Ear
How to Handle a Boss
Dollars and Sense
Her Best Enemy
Three's a Crowd
2 and 2 Make 5
Cat in the Hot Tin File
Passing the Buck
The Sow's Ear
How to Handle the Boss
Three's a Crowd
That's No Lady
Thy Name is Sands
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