Racket Squad (1951-1953)

The show dramatized the methods and machinations of con men and bunko artists. At episode's end, Captain Braddock gave viewers advice on how to avoid becoming the victim of the confidence game illustrated in the episode. Plots were based on actual case files from United States police departments, business organizations and other agencies. Starring Reed Hadley.
Season 1
Two Little Country Girls
Heaven for Sale
The Spanish Prisoner
Perpetual Pellet

Season 2
Kite High
The Miracle Mud

The Racoon Hunt
The Perfect Match
Two for One
Babies for Sale
The Salted Mine
The Bill of Sale Racket
The Condemned Cattle
The Knockout
Accidentally on Purpose
Desperate Money
One Angle Too Many
No Questions Asked
The Hearse Chasers
The Home Wreckers
The Matchmaker
Staff of Life
The Soft Touch
A Place for Grandma
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