Racket Squad (1951-1953)

The show dramatized the methods and machinations of con men and bunko artists. At episode's end, Captain Braddock gave viewers advice on how to avoid becoming the victim of the confidence game illustrated in the episode. Plots were based on actual case files from United States police departments, business organizations and other agencies. Starring Reed Hadley.
Anyone Can Be a Sucker
Strange Case of James Doyle
Pick a Number
The Family Tree
One More Dream

Season 3
Check and Double Check
Heartbreak for Sale

Expensive Tumble
Beauty for Hire
The Suit Club
The Front Man
Blessed Expense
The Elephant in Stockings
The Christmas Caper
The System
The Dancing Lady
His Brother's Keeper
The Dancing Lady
Take a Little
Lady Luck
Sale Value
Romance Unlimited
Impatient Heir
Sting of Fate
The Sure Thing
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