Ramar of the Jungle

American television series (1952–1954) that starred Jon Hall as Dr. Tom Reynolds (aka Ramar) and Ray Montgomery as his associate. Episodes were set in Africa and India. Missionaries' kid Tom Reynolds returns to the jungle as a doctor where he treats natives ("Ramar" means "White Medicine Man") and takes care of bad guys, aided by Prof. Ogden. This series is somewhat "Politically Incorrect".
Season 1
Evil Trek
White Savages
Drums of The Jungle
The Doomed Safari
Tribal Feud
The Voice in the Sky
The Unknown Terror
Danger in Disguise
Mark of Shaitan
Jungle Treasure
The Blue Treasure
Mark of the Bola
Curse of the Devil Doll
The Golden Tablet
Lady of the Leopards
Drums of Doom
The Flaming Mountain
White Man's Magic
Voice of the Past
Zombie Terror
Savage Challenge
Savage Fury
Thunder Over Sangoland

Season 2
Evil Strangers

More Episodes

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