Ramar of the Jungle

American television series (1952–1954) that starred Jon Hall as Dr. Tom Reynolds (aka Ramar) and Ray Montgomery as his associate. Episodes were set in Africa and India. Missionaries' kid Tom Reynolds returns to the jungle as a doctor where he treats natives ("Ramar" means "White Medicine Man") and takes care of bad guys, aided by Prof. Ogden. This series is somewhat "Politically Incorrect".
Dark Justice
Trail to Danger
Call to Danger
Idol Voo-Doo
King of the Watus
Dark Venture
The Sacred Monkey
Blind Peril
The Devil's Soul
Urn of Destiny
The Hidden Treasure
Crocodile God of Kaa
The Tiger's Claw
The Forbidden Village
The Mystic Pawn
The Bride of the Idol
The Road of No Return
Jungle Terror
Striped Fury

Feature Films
Ramar & the Jungle VooDoo
Jungle Roust About

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