The Rat Patrol (1966-1968)

The Rat Patrol was an American action and adventure television series that aired on ABC between 1966 and 1968. The show follows the exploits of four Allied soldiers — three Americans and one Briton — who are part of a long-range desert patrol group in the North African campaign during World War II. Their mission: "to attack, harass and wreak havoc on Field Marshal Rommel's vaunted Afrika Korps". Stars: Christopher George, Gary Raymond, Eric Braeden. The entire series is here.
Season 1
Chase of Fire Raid
Life Against Death
Wildest Raid
Kill or Be Killed
Chain of Death
Do or Die
Blind Man's Bluff
Fatal Chase
Blow Sky High
Moment of Truce
Deadly Double
Gun Runner
Dare-Devil Rescue
Last Harbor Raid: P1
Last Harbor Raid: P2
Last Harbor Raid: P3
One That Got Away
Two for One
Last Chance
B Negative
Exhibit A
Holy War
More Episodes

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