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Rawhide (1959-1965)

Set in the 1860s, Rawhide portrays the challenges faced by the drovers of a cattle drive. Gil Favor is trail boss of a continuous cattle drive; he is assisted by Rowdy Yates. The crew runs into characters and adventures along the way. Stars: Eric Fleming, Clint Eastwood, Paul Brinegar and Steve Raines. This series was Eastwood's stepping stone to fame and fortune as he became one of the few TV stars to successfully make the move into starring roles in feature films.
Season 1
The Tumbleweed
Alabaster Plain
The Executioner
The Widowed Dove
The Edge of Madness
Power and the Plow
Barker Springs
West of Lano
The Town in Terror
The Golden Calf
The Coyote Weed
The Chubasco
Curious Street
The Dog Days
The Calico Gun
Misplaced Indians
Fear in the Streets
Below the Brazos
The Dry Drive
The Judas Trap
No Man's Land
A Burst Of Evil
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